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hand painted toms, by conchetts

Transforming plain TOMS shoes to paint splattered beauties!!!

This spring, we’re seeing artisans and designers collide with splatter-paint fashions that range from shoes to apparel and accessories. So I’m channeling my inner Jackson Pollock and paying homage to the late and great Alexander McQueen, and other designers such as Tory Burch and Proenza Schouler who recently showed collections during Fashion Week that painted smiles on our faces.

Reach into your closet to breathe some colorful new life into existing items with vibrant paint shades that scream I’m a Rebel (and a cool one!). Keep in mind, all imperfections are, in fact, perfect.

cut and paste this link to purchase


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hand painted TOMS, leopard print “Chetta”

hand painted toms, leopard print "chettaz"

hand painted toms, leopard print "chettaz" Hand painted chettaz pattern, with over 200 of swarovski crystals, for fun.

I’ve always loved leopard print,it’s great for spring, summer and fall.¬†Animal prints seem to never go out of style. The leopard print can be considered as being a basic element especially when it comes to coats, shoes and accessory. Besides these elements everything stands in personal taste and favorite colors. However, if properly worn and paired, leopard print can add style and an unique touch to any look.


Hand Painted Toms, “Cherry blossom”

pink cherry blossom

Hand painted Cherry blossoms pattern, with a dash of swarovski crystal

I grew up in San Francisco and as a teenager one of my favorite places to hang out was Height & Ashbury because of its cohabitation between throw-backs to the Fifties lounge scene, great boutiques, organic and spiritual New Age ambiance of the Sixties, punk-rock politics and computer culture is one of the neighborhood’s most interesting and endearing aspects socially and artistically. At the end of height you’ll find Golden Gate park, which is were I was first introduced to the cherry blossom tree. I noticed Its beauty was amazing and very short term, which is why I’ve chosen to paint it on shoes and try to capture its beauty. In addition to its beauty, the cherry blossom is a very significant symbol of power. Typically it represent a feminine beauty and sexuality and often holds an idea of power or feminine dominance. Within the language of herbs and herbal lore of the Chinese the cherry blossom is often the symbol of love.

If you’d like to purchase a pair please follow the link


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Hand painted toms, Hello kitty Geek Chic

Hand painted hello kitty , with over +100 of eye catching Hot fix Swarovski crystal

I strongly believe that being professional does not mean giving up your Girlyness ( my word*>*) especially on your day off! like all things Kawaii, is hello kitty the universal poster child for caring, sharing, happiness, friendship, embodies innocence, sentimentality and harmony.

To purchase follow this link


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Hand painted toms, cupcake

okay, so there are no diamonds on these shoes, but it’s still amazing especially if you love cupcakes like I do. These make a perfect gift for cupcake lovers of all ages, pastry chef, bakery shop owner or all things Kawaii collector.


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