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I stumbled upon “Peep Show”

Now, the title of this place may take your mind some where inappropriate, so stop!

Walking with my mother yesterday, we stumbled upon a place called “Peep Show”. The Peep Show is an interior design company owned by Ken Fulk, an interesting young interior designer based in San Francisco. This place was visually stimulating!!!

We were welcomed and given a tour by a Gentleman named Milton, even though The peep show is a by appointment only shopping gallery.

“After making your appointment, you’ll arrive in SoMa, ready to be discreetly ushered into what feels like the expansive hunting lodge of a well-traveled British lounge lizard. It’s stocked with overstuffed fainting couches, a gallery of art spanning centuries and embroidered paddles that pay homage to the building’s former life as an S&M leather factory. (Seriously.)

Add to that an extensive library of rare books, one-off couture shirting from Ralph Rucci, gloves from Mr. S and an in-store line ranging from cufflinks made of old peep show tokens to bow ties handmade from vintage Hermès scarves.”urban


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